Clinical Trial Summaries

With over 50 clinical trials completed in the past two years alone, The Florida Institute for Clinical Research’s expertise in completing Phase I-IV studies can help you expedite the drug development process. The clinical trial summaries below show our wealth of experience, reliability and capabilities, so you can better see how our clinical research facility is equipped to complete your clinical trial. To find out more about the past studies we have completed or our facility capabilities, simply contact us directly.

BioCryst Pharmaceuticals – Flu Shot

Boehinger - Diabetes

Boehinger - Diabetes/Cardiac

Boehinger - COPD

Boehinger – COPD/Hospitalization

Bristol Myers Squibb – Diabetes

Eli Lilly – Diabetes

Forest – COPD

Forest – Blood Pressure

Gilead – Diabetes/Hypertension

Glaxo Smith Kline – Diabetes

Glaxo Smith Kline – Asthma

Glaxo Smith Kline – COPD

Glaxo Smith Kline – COPD/Cardiac

Merck – Diabetes

Merck – Diabetes/Cardiac

Merck – COPD

Merck - Asthma

Nestle – Baby Formula

Sanofi Adventis – Diabetes/Cardiac

Sepracor – Insomnia/ADHD

Takeda – Diabetes

Takeda – Diabetes/Cardiac

One Clinical trial used 30 years of data to see if watching TV alone makes us unhappy. Being anti-social and watching TV, compared to seeing friends, made participants unhappy.
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